Tips to Walk in the Dark #4

#4 : Realize your limits: many of our visitors, when they go into the dark, share with us that they get some headache or are able to see colorful dots. It happens to them because they are trying hard to see in the dark. They do not realize their limits and push their eyesight until it hurts or produces visual hallucinations. The change happens when we understand that limits are outside us. Changing the world is almost impossible. That is your limitation. But if you change yourself, everything changes. The usual advises to our visitors are: Use the other senses, interact with people around you, be curious, listen to your guide… in summary, focus on what you can do and on your internal resources. Same in current crisis, maybe we are trying to push some limits which are not under our control: we already want to leave home; we want to hug our friends; we want our job back; we want to activate again the economy; we want to avoid the infection… Let’s realize our limits outside us and find out what we can really do inside: stay at home, social distancing, adjust our economy, think out of the box in order to help our workplace recover, stay calm, stay in virtual contact with people.

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