Tips to Walk in the Dark #1

Dear Friends,

For years, we have explained how Dialogue in the Dark is not a simulation of blindness but a contingency experiential exercise. Besides lack of eyesight, when our visitors go into the dark, they are confronted with their emotions, thoughts and behaviors when immersed in an uncertain unfamiliar situation.

But we never imagined a global real contingency. And here we are sharing this powerful crisis which makes all equal. Here we are, most of the human race, immersed, this time not in an experiential exercise but immersed in reality with shaking certainties.

The Covid-19 and darkness share some similarities. Darkness makes us equal, when the light is off, both blind and sighted persons are immersed in the same pitch-dark reality. This virus has become an equalizer, too. It does not discriminate against any skin color, religion or gender.
A truly inclusive virus!

In order to contribute to your crisis management personal process, we want to share some strategies that the blind collaborators at Dialogue in the Dark have used during our workshops and tours in the dark. We have developed these strategies as the result of living with disability, which in some sense is like living in constant contingency/

Beginning today we will be sharing with you the experiential tips of our Blind team in overcoming uncertainties. We pray you will be inspired by their experiential tips on “How to Walk in the Dark!”

#1 : Unconditional acceptance: for those who have lost eyesight during our live or for those who were born blind,
accepting this situation is key in order to carry on. What could we do to get our eyesight back? Not much, unless we are doctors, researchers or research sponsors who look for the way to rehabilitate retinas and other parts of the eye. When we manage to accept that our situation is what it is, and that we cannot really change it, we realize that what we can change is the way we interact with our disability. Today it is needed to accept this corona virus situation. For whatever reason this virus turned into a pandemic, and for the moment, what we can do to keep it under control is to follow the experts’ recommendations. Let’s follow the rules even though they mean some sacrifices. We must accept and think about a long perspective what will be the best for all. Today it is clear that in an interdependent society like ours, what is good for many is also good for me.

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