Thanksgiving in Reflection – 12 years of Serving our Lord

Romans 8:28 (NIV) – And we know that in all things, GOD works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

Amazingly it’s been 12 years now: we started serving the people and their families stricken with Glaucoma in March 2009; and come March 2021 it will be our 12th year of serving – sometimes in frustrations, sometimes in bitterness and anger, sometimes even questioning Jesus, sometimes just wanted to give up; but in the end we press on with our Lord’s Grace and Mercies on us: wretched sinners yet Jesus prevail to love us just as we are!

Over the years we have been blessed with many encounters, experiences with people that has been allowed by our Heavenly Father GOD to slowly but surely grow us into more Christ likeness and we can never thank GOD enough for this trials and tests to be conformed and shaped to be more like Jesus !
Over the years we have raised in total more than RM6 Million to sustain our Works that has provided more than 200 free community eye health services, gave free surgical and corrective eye aid to more than 30 needy senior citizens, trained and empowered 110 Impaired Youths and Adults with jobs, more than 200 Impaired students with quality online tutoring and coaching, brought in the 1st Guide Dog for the Blind to Malaysia advocating for this Accessibility Right of the Blind, collaborated with more than 20 local and international organisations from the Social, Private, Public and Education sectors and have hosted the Dialogue in the Dark Experience Center in 4 different localities AND amazingly despite the COVID Pandemic which has closed down all the Dialogue in the Dark venues globally till todate; we are still standing at the Weld Shopping Center right in the heart of downtown KL. Thank you GOD!

Last year I have even written not 1, but 2 books – “I was Blind now I See” and “My Resilience Recipe” and our Organisation was even given the much sought after Tax Exempt status. Amazingly and Amazingly despite our many many mistakes and mishaps and misdeeds, GOD still DID all of this for His Glory to be Seen!

And finally Thank You dear Brother and Sister for your many Prayers and Blessings for us until Now. As we move into the 12th year of serving in humility, please do continue to Pray for us..for continued strength and wisdom to trust and obey GOD with thanksgiving to Christ!

Our Vision : to build an all inclusive place for the Abled and Disabled to meet and Dialogue !

Yours faithfully,
Stevens and Kaye Chan

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