About Founder

Stevens Chan

After gaining substantial experience in the banking and insurance industry, Stevens started his own consultancy business in the early 90s, to help local and foreign entrepreneurs set up direct selling companies in Malaysia. From obtaining the required licenses to forming business marketing plans, Steven’s firm was among the few in the country who could offer such services at that time, especially when the Direct Sales Act was implemented in 1993.

In 2002, the world that Stevens Chan knew came to an end. As an active business man, Stevens was living a regular life, just like any normal person. However, disaster struck, as he found out that he had Glaucoma, an eye disease that can cause blind-ness. Even after nine eye surgeries, he gradually lost all of his vision in 2007.

With the loss of sight, came the loss of hope. He was forced to face with daunting challenges. Hospital bills, loss of income and the effort to adapt himself to his new environment are some of the most difficult things a person can go through. However, it was in this darkest period, that he discovered light. It came in the form of his faith in God, and his loving wife, that stood by him, unwavering in her love and support. He felt that God was sustaining him and knew that in Him he could put his trust. Soon, despair turned into a sense of mission. Stevens found a new calling in his life to stop what happened to him from happening to others. To achieve this, he founded Malaysia Glaucoma Society and later on, SOS Missions Bhd with a vision of stopping and preventing unnecessary blindness. He also wants to help patients with different eye disorders cope, supporting them so they’ll have the strength to continue living with sight impairment.

Knowing that more can be done, Stevens founded Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia in 2012 to continue to raise public awareness and empathy for those with visual impairments, and empower the visually impaired community (VIPs) to reach their fullest potential. Through Dialogue in the Dark, Stevens hopes that through the medium of darkness, people will learn to love and appreciate light and not to take their GOD given eye sight for granted in addition to equipping, enabling and empowering the visually impaired community whilst enlightening the sighted community in handling diversity! Innovating on the platform of Dialogue in the Dark, Stevens soon turned DiD into an Academy with a mission to equip and empower the trained VIPs and other People with Disabilities (PWDs) to be entrepreneurs that he and his team has built jointly with other Private Corporations namely in Urban Farming, Aroma Therapy, Tele Marketing and Mobile Tuition etc.