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I was Blind
Now I See


Just weeks before receiving payment for a lucrative million-dollar business deal, Stevens Chan was struck with an unexpected diagnosis. Told by doctors that glaucoma would gradually rob him of his sight, for life, Stevens life spiralled downwards toward depression, helplessness and fear of the unknown.

As Stevens and Kaye grappled with these challenges, they discovered the amazing grace of a loving God. Through faith and trust in God as well as the special people who have walked into their lives, Stevens and Kaye have risen above their own struggles to reach out and bring hope to many others who share the same predicament. They have raised awareness through the Dialogue in the Dark programme, advocated for use of guide dogs for the blind and equal opportunities for the disabled.

This book tells of their miraculous journey from fear to trust. From darkness to light. From physical blindness to spiritual sight.

As you read this book, may you find hope that God can use anyone, despite our weaknesses, sickness or disabilities to bring hope to others and to give glory to God   Read More…



If your life is a movie and you are the hero in your own movie, whatstory do you tell?

This provocative question is at the core of the inspiring book ‘MyResilience Recipe’ by Stevens Chan, a self-seeking businessman who losthis eyesight, wealth, self-worth, and emerges from the rock bottom toserve the disabled community through social activism.

In this book, Stevens shares his past mistakes, experiences, thoughtsand dives into what it takes to be resilient when life presents him withtough challenges. Make no mistake, this is not a self-help book. Stevenslays out his own ‘resilience recipe’ as a reference in the hope toinspire you to develop your own recipe based on your unique lifecircumstances.

If you feel that life is a constant challenge, or you’re stuck in adifficult situation not knowing how tomove forward, this is the bookthat can shine a light for you   Read More…

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Stevens Chan


After gaining substantial experience in the banking and insurance industry, Stevens started his own consultancy business in the early 90s, to help local and foreign entrepreneurs set up direct selling companies in Malaysia. From obtaining the required licenses to forming business marketing plans, Steven’s firm was among the few in the country who could offer such services at that time, especially when the Direct Sales Act was implemented in 1993.

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